Harbor Island is an artificial island on the south end of Puget Sound. This is given over entirely to industry and is heavily crossed with industrial freight rail lines. Given my interest in the freight lines that ran through Beacon, NY this was pure crack.

As the island is entirely given over to industry its largely deserted on the weekend. Other than a few employees manning the gas station, a few security guards, and a handful of truckers making deliveries.  For a photographer on a bicycle there’s a surprising amount of access with virtually no one around to harass you.   I didn’t fancy having a chat with the friendly Seattle Police Department so I didn’t attempt to trespass into any of the chemical plants.

Even keeping to the sidewalk and street gives you an impressive array of views.   I took these about a year ago when I last lived on Capitol Hill and only had my Pentax K-x with my trusty 20mm Voigtlander f/3.5.   The scale of the buildings requires a wide lens and with the 1.5 crop I was only shooting with a 30mm equivalent which barely qualifies as a wide angle lens.

I’ve had a return to Harbor Island on the weekend penciled in for quite some time.  Now that its just a quick roll down the hill and halfway to West Seattle its high time for a return visit.