Let’s be honest.  Even if you’re an avid photographer the one camera you always have with you is your cell phone.  As much as you hate to admit it the photos are just peachy keen for web use.   Sure, its not great in low light, its difficult to selectively focus, and you can’t easily control the exposure, but you use it anyway.

Its also a camera you use with other people.   The big, bright LCD on the front that you use for focusing, its minimal controls, and small format means its easier for your friends to stick their head next to yours and see what you’re taking a picture of.   Or you flip your phone around to show them the photo you just took.

There’s also the non-immediate sharing.  Posting to Facebook or Instagram is quick and easy.   You can communicate where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re about to eat with geographically displaced friends and family.  Its easy, its fun, its also what we’re supposed to do with our photography, share it with others.

Instagram does provide an immediate way of sharing your photos.  The majority of people use it for selfies and taking picture of their food.  This is a global trend by the way, true from Iceland to Finland to Japan (who take top notch food photography, selfies… not so much) to Iran.   Its comforting to know that in many ways we’re all the same, in love with ourselves and the things we put in our face.   And why not?  We’re social creatures, might as well share our pleasures.

As “serious” photographers its just time to get over ourselves and embrace the camera you actually end up using the most.   Even if you do just end up taking photos of your ramen.