For Christmas my girlfriend and I give each other an experience rather than an object.   We do stocking stuffers but our main gift to each other is something to remember.  This year her gift to me was a trip to Portland, Oregon.

Portland is a quick 3.5 hour train ride from Seattle so its a little silly that I haven’t visited in the nearly 3 years that I’ve been living in The Emerald City.   The Seattle metro area is considerably larger than Portland’s and there’s a hell of a lot more money here than in PDX.   My girlfriend likes to refer to Portland as Portajuana as people head south of the (state) border to drink heavily, buy things, and go to strip clubs.

To be honest I didn’t take many pictures.  This trip was time to spend with my girlfriend, not time to go out and do the photographing of things.  The process of looking is something you can share but once you start peering through the viewfinder you’re in your own little world.  I don’t think that photography isolates you from the thing you’re viewing, in fact I think it makes you intensely aware of it, but it does bring down a curtain around you.

I spent more time taking pictures with my iPhone and posting them to instagram.  I think my next post will be the instagram photos and some thoughts I had about photographing socially.