Astoria Waterfront
Along the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon

Astoria, Oregon.

A small city at the mouth of the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific Ocean.   Formerly a bustling port town with an active fishing, cannery, and lumber industries its factories have shut down and port traffic is handled either in Portland or Seattle.  Like much of the Oregon coast it seems that the major industries are now tourism and retirement.

The waterfront consists of a boardwalk which runs east to west along the length of the city.   A number of piers are still in use but the majority of the former canneries and loading docks have decayed leaving formations of creosote treated pilings and the occasional concrete structure rising above the river.   There are a few working warehouses but most of the buildings have been converted into offices or restaurants at this point.

This was my second visit to the city so I had a good idea of what was available.   This time I had my ND filter and infrared filter so I could take long exposure shots of the river.   Access to the river is very good without worrying about trespassing so there are plenty of vantage points to work from.   The 101 bridge across the Columbia is an obvious subject as it dominates the river view.   There is still a steady amount of river traffic with many cargo ships lie anchored in the river for what seems to days at a time while others steam quickly through.

I suppose I should visit the town when it’s in a more lively mood but I valued the off-season quiet.  Having the waterfront largely to myself in the early morning was delightful.  We’re planning a trip to the Washington coast in March to visit the Sou’Wester Lodge just across the bridge.   So perhaps we’ll get to see a bustling waterfront.