Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, OR is probably best known for its brief role in the 80’s film The Goonies.  Most of the movie was shot about 40 miles up the coast in the town of Astoria at the mouth of the Columbia River but several scenes were filmed in Cannon Beach and nearby Ecola Park.

Visiting Cannon Beach was part of a long weekend trip down to Astoria.  It was mid-December and very few people pay a visit to the Oregon coast during the winter.  We were the only people staying at our motel.

We were blessed by a few hours of sunshine the morning we decided to drive down to Cannon Beach.  Leaving just after dawn we were treated to a spectacular drive down Highway 101 through a number of small towns littered between Astoria and Cannon Beach.  Due to restrictions on logging and fishing enacted since the 90’s the primary source of income along the Oregon coast is now retirement.  It shows.

Haystack Rock has already been photographed to death.  Its an overwhelming presence in a tourist town.  Its a geologic celebrity.  There is nothing new that someone can do with the rock.  Every angle, quality of light, and weather condition has been done to death.

So you’re just doing this for your own enjoyment.  Its a small pleasure which I think is often overlooked with the drive for Creativity! Novelty! Viral! Find Your Own Voice! Make It Your Own! New! Better! Faster! Monetize! that comprises 90% of photographic writing.

Just get out there and enjoy yourself.