Week 1 - Self Portrait

Week 1 for the 52 project for 2016.   Assignment: Self-portrait.

This is a common enough subject for any class or project you embark upon.  Quite often as a first project.  I don’t know if its utilizing the one subject everyone always has around, namely themselves.   Perhaps its actually popular with students.

Personally, I hate it.  I don’t like looking at myself and I especially dislike not being able to see what I’m doing.

You could dig deeper and ask if I’m just expressing male privilege in my distaste for self-portraiture.  To gaze upon others but not be gazed upon.  I don’t put a great deal of effort into my appearance either.  Typically I’m disheveled, have never had any idea of what to do with my hair, and wear second-hand clothes.   I’m not much to look at and have never tried to change that.

So we have one selfie.  Single gridded beauty dish to upper left of subject, reflector to right for fill.  A lighting technique used extensively in renaissance paintings and Sears portrait studios.