Adraine at Tolmie State Park

Sunday I took part in a group shoot organized by Seattle Open Shoots at Tolmie State Park just outside of Olympia, WA.

The weather was typical of early spring in the Puget Sound area. Rain that rains with a mission then forgets what it was doing, gives you five minutes of sunshine, then remembers it was supposed to be raining all afternoon but its heart just isn’t into it anymore so it kind of trails off in a light drizzle before shuffling off into the mountains to pester some hikers. I mention the rain as the model in the photos spent an hour doing her hair in the morning and was drenched within five minutes of arriving on site.

Tolmie State Park is a lovely park with a few shelters and shore access. The landscape will be familiar to landscape photographers in the Pacific Northwest, thick woods covered in moss, a steep slope to the waterfront, and a shoreline that changes radically with the tides.

I shot these images of Adraine Lynn-Star Jacobs, a Seattle based actress and model, towards the end of the shoot, around 1:00 PM. The completely overcast sky provided beautifully even lighting which allowed us to shoot at high noon without any issues. Adraine is a trooper and had been splashing around in the sound for much of the morning despite the rather chill temperatures. Initially I shot her with my new (to me) Fuji 60mm f/2.4 but switched to my favorite Fuji 10-24mm to capture the full reach of the landscape. I love the expanse that the wide end of the zoom brings but it does test the resolving power of the lens and sensor as the model becomes a relatively small area of the photograph.

I’ll have to start making more visits to parks to shoot models, its more of a challenge to work in an environment but I also enjoy the images more.