The Emerald Lady
Lyssa Chartrand at Dayton Street Studio

The Emerald Lady was one of the first models I worked with when I started shooting portraits.  After years of making vague resolutions to learn how to use studio lights I finally took at lighting class at Photo Center NW and start going out to a glamour modeling meetup.   The very first glamour shoot had a bit of a technical issue, I had set my camera on manual focus mode and was too nervous to notice that the half-press of the shutter button wasn’t actually focusing the lens.  Lyssa was the second model I worked with and at least that time I was able to get in-focus shots.

Seeing Lyssa’s name pop up again in my email for an upcoming shoot for the glamour meetup gave me an idea of seeing how much I had learned in the nearly two years since I had last worked with her.   After editing the photos I saw that I have learned quite a bit, but not where I expected.  The real improvement was in terms of post-processing rather than lighting.  I’m still having trouble visualizing light and getting the effect I want.  Looking at my photos from two years ago shot at Studio Paradiso I can see a lot of areas where I could have done a much better job retouching.   At the time I didn’t see some problems and didn’t have the tools to fix the issues.

It might be an interesting exercise to go back to some of my older photos and re-edit them… if I wasn’t already snowed under a pile of new edits to do and limited time to do them in.

You can find Lyssa on Model Mayhem and Facebook.  Working with Lyssa is a delight.  I only had a 30 minute time slot but was very pleased with the work we created.  She has beautiful expression using her hands and worked with the selected outfit to create some stunning poses.