Seaview, WA

A series of black and white long exposure landscapes of the shoreline at Seaview, WA.

For a weekend trip we stayed at the Sou’Wester Lodge along the Washington coastline.   The Sou’Wester was recommended to us by some Portlandia friends who sold us on a slow paced hotel comprised of mid-century camper trailers arranged haphazardly on a patch of land a stone’s throw from the ocean.   Ramshackle and sprawling, the Sou’Wester is perfect for someone who wants eccentric and picturesque and is willing to give up a spot of comfort in exchange.

The location couldn’t be better.  A five minute walk to the water one direction and another few minutes to Seaview’s main street.   The shoreline runs North to South and is an expanse of gentle sand which merges into the surf.  The water is freezing and the currents are deadly so swimming is not advised.  A little further away from the water a thick barrier of seagrass separates the town from the sea with a paved path that’s perfect for an afternoon’s bike ride running through the grass.

Cars are permitted on the beach so its not unusual to see 4×4’s rolling up and down the beach for no apparent reason.   Their tire tracks add visual interest to an otherwise flat landscape.